A place to share ideas about play in a Prep classroom

Hello world!

Welcome to Playing in Prep!  My name is Lynda and I teach prep in a state school in Queensland. Early childhood education is my passion and play is my pedagogy but in saying that, I am also a Connectivist, someone who has a strong belief in the integration of technology into the classroom.

Anyone who steps into a classroom with a play based philosophy will often think how can these children be learning anything connected to curriculum and achieve mandated outcomes. Where are the literacy and numeraqcy rotations…….etc.etc.?

 On this page I hope to share with you some of the experiences and adventures I have with my preppies, along with “the method in my madness”, as we negotiate our way through the Prep curriculum.


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  1. Leanne Webster said:

    Love your blog and philosphy Lynda. I also advocate play and negotiated curriculum in prep. We are presently learning about maps (which came about from a little girl with ASD drawing a map of all the four prep buildings at school with arrows and signs on each building) and are building a 3D model of our school and nearby houses, roads, signs. The literacy and numeracy involved during this probject is amazing. I’m just documenting the learning from Friday at the moment with photos. I’ll try and post some ideas. Good luck with your blog. Leanne

    • Sounds really interesting. Would love for you to post some photos. Maps can be such an interesting area for preppies. Have you tried Google maps for a different perspective on your school? It’s just a thought. Hope to hear from you again soon. Lynda

      • Leanne Webster said:

        We did look at Google maps, which really helped with directions, lines, location etc., and the children’s own addresses. I had it up on a projector and big screen. Thanks again. Leanne

  2. libbyg64 said:

    Congratulations Lynda! What a wonderful idea, and just what we need in this time of change. I also teach Prep in Queensland, and like you, am determined that the children and I learn through Play and that it’s still an avenue for terrific learning! Well done! Libby

  3. Kerri Schefe said:

    Fantastic! I will be checking this out every day! What good timing!

  4. Rosemary said:

    Impressive Lynda – Well done! I’m sure this will really encourage sharing of ideas.
    Thanks for initiating.

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