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Hide and Seek Word Fun!

The weather at the moment is absolutely glorious and so I use every opportunity I can to take our more focussed learning outside. One of our favourite, fun games is Find the Sight Words! Yes that right, 5 year olds saying sight words and fun in the same sentence. This is how we play the game. Someone goes outside and using chalk, writes the sight words in “secret” hiding places in the playground. The trickier the better.


 The children are then either, given a list of the words they need to find, or challenged to see how many words they can find and write  down. Then the fun begins as the children run around the playground looking for words. This game provokes lots of discussions about words either found or still hiding, as well as numeracy, as they use positional words to describe to friends where they have found particular words and as they count and compare the number of words found or still to find.

We love playing this game and the children even run around during lunchtime play looking for the words and showing the children in other classes where they are hiding and what they are. Other twists to this game can be letter, shape or number hunts.

 Whoever said learning sight words and letters was boring hasn’t played this game!


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