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Bubbles! Goop! Science Experiments! Music Making! Water! Paint! Playdough! These are just some of the experiences we enjoyed today as we celebrated being young, wonderful winter weather and having fun!

I think the photos say it all. I’m just sorry you can’t see their happy faces.

We love the feel of goop! Look out below! Here comes the prep rollercoaster.


Hmmmmm. I wonder what will happen?Making music.


and now I think I will.........we play to our own beatFriends at play.


Bubbles, Bubbles everywhere.Using motor control to bounce down the ramp.


Ooooops! Whatever happened to turn taking? Having too much fun..... not us!


Ahhhhh how we love maths.This is numeracy??????


Stirring the pot.

Playdough under the trees.


Construction fun


Painting with friends.Just hanging around.........


........ hanging with friends

Threading and lacing......


How lucky are we to have such wonderful weather.water play in the sunshinemore bubbles


shake, rattle and bangmarvelous messy playa childs joy


beautiful bubbles




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Comments on: "Being young and having FUN! Today we celebrated the joys of childhood in our outdoor classroom." (2)

  1. I’ve been working in Prep and kindy for the last 10 years, at child care centres. I think I may just have to start following your blog for new ideas! Feel free to read up in mine – even though the kids are younger, you may just find something you like too!

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