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I found some beautiful stones that I just had to touch and feel. So naturally, if had to touch them I thought, so too would my preppies. Hmmmmm……….. What could I do with these stones????? We already  have lots of interesting stones, rocks and pebbles  in our classroom to play, sort and build with so perhaps I could make some kind of game with them. My preppies are really interested in making words so to enhance this interest, I decided to write the alphabet on them in both upper and lower case letters. These were quick and easy to make (approx. 15 minutes.)

    To keep the natural theme, I used green puffy paint to write the letters, thinking they could be like moss on the stones and the puffy paint dries as a raised surface, enabling the children to feel the letters. The paint is slightly glittery as well which gives them a touch of magic. 







 When I was finished, my 18 year old saw them and immediately started to play with them, making words and sentences. I thought well………. if she finds them irresistable, hopefully, so too will my preppies!






 Now they are finished I can envision endless opportunities for their use.






Here are just a few –

 Matching upper and lower case letters.

 Sorting….. too many ways to list.

Alphabet Concentration

 In Sensory Tubs and of course making words.







I think I might just go and make some puntuation marks now, to go with the letters!





Comments on: "Alphabet Stones???? They Rock!!" (6)

  1. Prep teacher said:

    Wow!! Where did you get these lovely rocks?

  2. Strolling through Bunnings in the garden section. They were $2.99 a bag and there are approx. 30 stones in each bag.

  3. I think they are awesome…..kids love rocks! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing

  4. I absolutely LOVE this idea and I already have some great rocks I could use. I was wondering if the puffy paint ended up staying put. I could picture the raised surface peeling off when the rocks rub together (or being peeled off by little fingers!) Have you had any issues with this?

    Thanks for all your inspiring ideas!

    • To seal the paint I covered the top of the rocks with Aquadhere. The children have been playing with the stones for 10 weeks now and none of the paint has come off or peeled away.

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