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Scissors, Paper, Rocks

 At our school, our preppies are expected to know approx. 50 sight words by the end of prep. As I’ve said in previous posts, literacy rotations are not my style, and so the challenge for me is how to teach these words playfully. After making  several sets of alphabets stones, I decided to make some sight word rocks as well.








The children will be able to play with them, feel them, copy them, match them, sort them and  make sentences with them.








After making the alphabet stones and sight word rocks, my thoughts turned to numeracy. I had some lovely polished, red brown rocks and turned them into a counting and sorting resource. Using puffy paint I put dots, numerals and number words up to ten on them. I painted the dots in patterns, lines and random groupings to provide the children with opportunities to develop, not just their counting and one to one correspondence, but also their subitising skills with the smaller numbers. Subitising of small  numbers is a mandated outcome in the national curriculum.







Now my preppies have 3 new sets of rocks to explore and play with at the start of next term.


Now scissors, paper and rocks are truely an essential part of our classroom!

Comments on: "Scissors, Paper, Rocks" (7)

  1. Prep teacher said:

    wow again! I am in the process of making some alphabet rocks.

    I really love the word rocks – where did you get these little white rock chunks?

    Thanks for valuing play 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. I bought the white granite pieces from Bunnings in their garden section. * A little tip – I’ve discovered that the puffy paint stays on the rocks much better if you put a coat of PVA glue over the rock face once the puffy paint is dry. It also makes the rock face shiney and really appealing.

  2. I did this very thing for my youngest last year – it started with alphabet rocks and then they were such a success we moved to sight words. I think he liked doing them because he could handle and manipulate them. He took them to school, and we ended up making a whole load for the class. They keep them in little draw string pouches.

  3. Leanne Webster said:

    Love your ideas!!!

  4. I had made some alphabet rocks for my R/1 class earlier this year too 🙂 We’ve used them a lot to match up with capitals, to sort in alphabetical order, to make words – kids have found them really engaging. My own kids and I made some story stones last week (as you said the blogsphere is full of them) by just drawing on some river pebbles but yours look so much more appealing! Will have to keep my eyes out for some useful stickers now.

  5. […] this outcome through play and the manipulation of  lots of concrete materials including our Sight Word Stones. We also have our sight words on Duplo bricks which the children can stack, sort and put together […]

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