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My Name Book

Children’s names are a great starting point for literacy in an early childhood classroom. At the start of each year in Prep we explore all the interesting things about our names and make a My Name book.

On the cover page the children cut out the letters of their name and glue them in sequence. When preparing for this activity I usually create a table in Word for each child, with the letters of their name in columns.

Here is a sample of the cover page. The children could also draw a picture of themselves on the cover.







The next few pages identify the letters in their name. Once the children have glued a letter on each page they can copy this letter all over the page to practice letter formation.
























On the next page the children can cut out another set of the letters and glue them in sequence.







Counting the letters of their name helps with word recognition and numeracy. As a class, we also create a graph of the letters in their names.







Word configuration ( the shape of words) is a word recognition/decoding skill which children find very useful. On this page we draw the shape of their name and discuss which letters have just a body(a) ; a body and a head (l) and a body and a tail (y). Something else we like to do is look at the names shape and think about what it looks like eg. a train, a castle etc. The children like to convert the shape into whatever it reminds them of, by drawing in details. This is one of my preppies favourite pages.







On the last page the child can write their name and draw another picture of themselves if they wish.







Young children love books about themselves and enjoy making books. A book about their name engages them in lots of literacy opportunities including letter recognition and letter formation.

Learning Statements –

Writing and Shaping

Reading and Viewing

Sense of Self and Others

Fine Motor Cutting


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  1. Prep teacher said:

    Your blog is so much fun with lovely learning experiences for your children. I almost wish I was one of your students!!

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