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Mr Squiggle was an Australian icon when I was growing up. Every afternoon he would amaze his audience with his clever drawings based on squiggles. Today on the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), I shared a Youtube video of Mr Squiggle with my preppies, many of whom had never seen or heard of this “funny puppet” with a “pencil for a nose.”

The children found the idea of creating drawings from squiggles an interesting concept particularly when, after drawing 1 idea, Mr. Squiggle would add some more lines to the drawing, his helper, (Miss Jane in this video) would turn the page around and suddenly the drawing was transformed into something new. “Hmmmmm that’s clever” said one of the children.

After watching the video again, I showed the children some squiggles on the IWB.







“I wonder what you could draw with these if you were Mr Squiggle?” I asked. Many of the children began to share their ideas but before we got too involved in this discussion I said ” why don’t you pretend to be Mr Squiggle and show me instead.”  We had some fun discussing how they were going to attach a pencil to their nose but in the end decided to use their hands to hold the pens and draw.








To enhance their exploration of the contrast between black and white, we had covered the tables with black tablecloths and placed black pens of varying thicknesses and inks in  glass jars. The white paper and black squiggles contrasted really well with the black on the tables and assisted the children to focus on, and explore their mark making.























  As they drew, there were lots of conversations about their ideas and it was interesting to listen to them share and narrate what they were doing, just like Mr Squiggle.







I was struck by how different the drawings are and wondered…… how the children could think of such interesting ideas? Here are some of their finished drawings.


    A bird in the sky.







   I like to play.






 An Electric Train







   The letter M hiding in a box.







 A towel on the sand at the beach.







   A Caravan







Mr Blackboard







 A boy with dirty teeth.







  A Pattern







    The Game







      The Sun






Young children’s imagination is truely awesome!




Comments on: "Mr. Squiggle in Black and White" (2)

  1. prepteacher said:

    Imagination, creativity, learning and fun…………. just wonderful!!!

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