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Meet our castle guards.








They have been protecting us for almost a week now. Ever since a castle was constructed in block area and then outside our classroom, our trusty guards have been on duty asking all who seek to enter – Friend? or Foe?

Should the answer be “friend”, another question was asked. What’s the password?  Hmmmm this can be tricky if you haven’t any prior knowledge but our guards will give you a clue. Last week it was something beginning with b. Fortunately this was our sound for the week and so all our friends were able to think of a word.

Today the guards asked our “friends” to decode magic stones.








As each friend sought entry into the castle they needed to read the sight word on a white granite stone.








Initially the guards were located at the bottom of the bridge across the moat.








But it got a bit hot out there, so they retreated to the castle keep.








The guards took turns asking the friends to decode the magic stones.








Sometimes our friends needed help.








and our castle guards were happy to oblige.








Our friends were honest and true and even told the guards if they had decoded the stone before, at morning tea.









If you were the last to enter you had to decode 2 stones.









It can take a long time for all our friends to enter the castle but we love decoding the magic stones and sometimes even the guards get tricked up with the decoding. Learning to decode can be tricky for everyone.



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