A place to share ideas about play in a Prep classroom

Play is not Anarchy!

The title of this blog is a quote from a TedTalk.com video of designer Tim Brown talking about play and creativity in the adult world.










This image is from the video and is of the Googlplex dinosaur decorated with flamingoes. It demonstrates the value creative companies place on playful work environments.

Tim Brown uses analogies from our early childhood world to get his message across and makes some very relevant points including

  • children who are in a secure environment feel more free to play
  • friendship is a shortcut to play
  • playfulness is important. It helps our creative thinking
  • children are more engaged with open possibilities

and these were in just the first 10 minutes!

The video is almost 28 minutes long and you may want to wait to watch it,  perhaps with a cup of coffee or tea.

 When you are ready…….. here is the link –




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