A place to share ideas about play in a Prep classroom


Over the next few years early childhood education will be undergoing lots of change as the new national curriculum is implemented. This blog has been created as an opportunity for early childhood educators to share their ideas about play, what is happening in their classrooms and how government mandated outcomes can be achieved whilst still providing our young children with opportunites to explore, investigate and play.

 I am a Prep teacher in a state school in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I have been teaching preschool and now Prep for over 30 years.  Early Childhood Education is my passion and play is my pedagogy. I look forward to sharing my journey and hearing from other early childhood educators about how to maintain a play pedagogy as the national curriculum is implemented.

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  1. Karen Devlin said:

    Wow..this is such a great idea..I was beginning to think that there were very few remaining of us who believe in play and its value…and yes we can introduce the new Australian Curriculum and not forgo all the wonderful play based opportunities that present themselves each day..differentiation happens all day, every day…thanks again and I look forward to more posts and sharing

  2. Thanks Karen! I’m so glad you agree that the new curriculum can be taught using a play pedagogy. I look forward to sharing more play based experiences on this blog and hearing what other people like you are doing whilst they play.

  3. Prep teacher said:

    Hi – my teaching background is very similar to yours.
    I love your blog! What a fantastic way to share ideas!
    Thank you for your inspiration and for valuing play in prep! 🙂

  4. Fabulous blog – love the caterpiller

  5. As a painter Picasso always wanted to get back to being able to draw like a child. I love your blog – I always find childrens art fascinating and fresh. I miss Mr Squiggle too. One of my friends was lucky enough to meet the real Mr Squiggle -his inspiration for becoming an artist! Thanks for inspiring a new generation.

  6. Love seeing what you are up to. Stumbled across your blog a few months ago and find myself checking in quite often. I too value the power of play in Prep. I am constantly in awe of what young children are capable of (& come out with!!). Thank you for sharing your story.

  7. This is a wonderful blog. I will be teaching Prep next year and even though I have taught for 19 years from yr1(before preschool) to yr7 this will be my first venture into prep. You have given me many fantastic ideas that I am definitely going to implement next year. I too believe in play in prep and indeed have used aspects of it when I have taught other year levels. I find that I have to defend “play” to others as they don’t see the importance of it or the relevance of it, they need to read this blog. I will continue to follow with interest and take many notes!

  8. […] Playing in Prep – this one hasn’t been active for a little while but still think it’s a valuable read for anyone wanting to use play-based pedagogy with the Australian Curriculum […]

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