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Ice Investigations

Whilst exploring the sound /i/ we became interested in igloos. We googled igloos and found some amazing information about their construction and how the ice bricks are shaped. We decided to experiment with shaping ice for ourselves and a lot of  discussion about how we were going to do this ensued. One child suggested using water because they had seen this done before and so we decided that this was probably the safest method to try first. We froze some coloured water in zip lock bags and the next day the children set to work using pippettes to drip water onto the ice.

We live in a warm climate so the ice began to melt quite quickly. However the children were persistent and soon an indent began to appear in the centre where they had been focussing their drops from the pippettes.

The children continued dripping water into the centre of the ice (lots of fine motor skills and eye hand coordination were practiced during this experiment) and the yellow ice turned into a “doughnut” shape with a hole in the middle.

One of the children decided to use the pippette to sculpt/dig out a hole in the ice to make another donut.

The children had so much fun we are going to try this experience again in the cooler months, perhaps using bigger blocks of ice to see what other shapes we can make!


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