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Let your Imagination run Wild! Recycling + Open Ended Experience = Rollercoaster FUN!!!

Here is a way to recycle corn starch beads, enhance fine motor skills, encourage thinking and simply let your imagination run wild!

The children started constructing in this open ended experience and all of a sudden there were…………. rollercoasters!!!!!!

These wonderous beads just need to be dampened with a wet sponge to stick together.


Under Construction!


"There is still room for some secret passages." says Harry


"You get to the end and then go backwards to the start." by Conor

"It goes round and up and down." by Alex


"This is like the one I had a ride on at the fete." by TJ

Rollercoasters + Recycling= FUN!

Prep Learning Statements covered-

  • Imagining and Responding
  • Thinking
  • Understanding Environments
  • Fine Motor Skills