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R is for Rumpus – Where the Wild Things Are

Our sound for the week was /r/ and the timimg couldn’t have been more perfect because after lots of preparation, we were ready for our wild rrrrrrrumpus. We had been enjoying Maurice Sendak’s classic story Where the Wild Things Are and had made lots of preparations for our rumpus. I believe that children are capable and competent and in our classroom the children are given lots of opportunities to express themselves creatively. An example of this is when they decided to make masks. We discussed what kinds of materials they needed to make their masks and the children set to work. The children wanted to draw their mask shape onto coloured cardboard and then cut it out. (I rarely give them a template as I like the children to think for themselves.) The only input I had in this process was helping them with the eyes for their masks, as they needed to be able to see for the rumpus.The children either drew the shapes themselves or they told me the shape they wanted and I helped them cut it out. Once cut out, they decorated their masks any way they wanted using materials from the collage trolley.


With the masks underway, some of the other children made the forest where the wild things live. They used our waffle blocks for tree trunks and fabric for the tree tops, roots and forest floor.








Two of the children decided to make Max a boat so he could sail away to Where the Wild Things Are –




  When the boat was finished, the children used fabric, to make the ocean.




Our giant boa constrictor reminded the children of the first wild thing Max meets,( the one in the water), and so they decided to make him a wig and horns so he looked like the one in the book.


 It took a few tries before they had the horns the way they wanted them.

Sadly I forgot to take a photo of the “wild thing” boa constrictor!




Finally all was ready for the rrrrrrrumpus!

The wild things rrrrrrrroared their terrible rrrrrrroars…………..


and gnashed their terrible teeth………….


and rrrrrolled their terrible eyes………….










and showed their terrible claws…………..



Until Max said “Be still………………….”




and they made him king of all the wild things……………










and now said Max “let the wild rumpus start……………..”. We even had our own jungle beat to “rumpus” to.




Then Max sent them off to bed without their supper…………..



He wanted to be where someone loved him best of all. So he waved goodbye to the wild things………………………..


and sailed away back home…… We loved our rrrrrumpus and had lots of fun being wild things for the rrrrrrest of the term. 

Learning Statements –

Imagining and Responding

Oral Language

Fine and Gross Motor skills

Sense of Self and Others