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Domino Fall Down

After watching some Youtube videos of the domino effect in our Virtual Classroom, we were inspired to try it for ourselves.

We started by lining our dominoes up in a single line.







Next we tried doubling up some of the dominoes in the line.















It requires a lot of mathematical understandings, fine motor coordination, thinking and problem solving skills to place the dominoes in “just the right spot.” Success was always short but sweet.







What I really liked about this whole experience was how self motivating and engaging it was. With each success the children set themselves a more difficult challenge. They experimented with using different shapes and lines.















They explored their creations from all kinds of perspectives.





Their persistence was amazing. When something didn’t work, they discussed and problem solved solutions………



















tested their theories……….











until successful, and whilst the success was sweet, the process was better.

Messy Monday and Dinosaurs

Today’s Messy Monday had an extra twist due to the children’s current interest in all things dinosaur. We read and acted out the story Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus by Tony Mitton to get us in a “dinosaurumpusy” mood and afterwards talked about looking for dinosaurs. We told the children that there were dinosaurs ready to be discovered in a variety of places in the playground  including a swamp and some polar ice caps and sent them on a journey of discovery.

Hmmmm, puzzled at first, it wasn’t long before some children found a green goopy swamp with a variety of dinosaurs ready to be dug out.








Other dinosaur detectives went in search of polar ice caps and what was hidden inside them. They were a bit hard to find but once located, our intrepid paelentologists found it requires lots of patience and fine motor strength to dig dinosaurs out of the ice.
























Success at last!







To make the ice, some coffee and sugar were dissolved in water and a thin layer of this mixture was frozen.  Next the dinosaurs were added with another layer of the coffee and sugar mixture poured on top. We used spoons and paddle pop sticks as tools.

Under the trees, dinosaurs were being pressed into playdough to create fossil stamps for printing.








On top of the climbing frame a dinosaurumpus was happening, with the children stomping and clomping the dinosaur feet, claws and horns they had made.










































Ice, paint, goop and masking tape, along with our usual bubbles etc. make for another Messy Monday full of fun and learning.

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