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Sensory Tub Counting Search

Lots of my children are very kineasthetic learners and so I have used sensory tubs to practice our counting. Currently in our tubs are corn starch beads used in packaging boxes. Amongst these beads are hidden 20 zoo animals. (These were chosen because of our current construction of a zoo.) The children love to search through the tub and find the animals. I also have some laminated cards with numbered squares up to 20 to assist them in counting. The children can place an animal in each square, which assists with 1 to 1 correspondence and numeral recognition as well as engaging in conversations about how many have been found and how many are left to find.


I have at least 4 of these made up at any one time.


These are up to 20 but you can make it for any number and groupings.








The use of these tubs is endless and I will post more ideas as we use them in the classroom.

Some of the Learning Statements covered include-

Early Maths Understandings

Fine Motor Skills

Active Learning Processes

Reading and Viewing

Oral Language